Your trip can be “more than just a safari”

Wenza Safaris was founded by a Kenyan NGO (in collaboration with a US non-profit organization) to support programs which provide orphans and vulnerable children an opportunity for quality education, reliable healthcare and hope for the future. 100% of the net receipts from our safaris and tours go back into our mission initiatives... your booking with us will help us to “make a difference” in the lives of many and helps us attain our goal of sustainability of our programs learn how..

You are invited to partner with us as a volunteer in any of our programs… for a few hours, for a day, for a week, or longer. Just indicate your interest in volunteering and your personalized itinerary can be planned to accommodate just the amount of time you would like to devote to “giving back”.

Why Should I Volunteer


Poverty, disease, famine, inadequate access to schools, poor leadership, and a lack of healthy water and sanitation have plagued Kenya for many years. In recent years these ongoing problems have been compounded by the modern day scourge of HIV/AIDS, which has left over 2.1 million orphans. They live with aging grandmothers or with single parents who are struggling to live with AIDS; and many children live alone in makeshift cardboard houses. They scrounge for whatever food they can find or they simply go hungry. Girls are often sold into marriage at an early age to help relieve the burden upon way to pay school fees, to buy shoes, to buy the uniforms required in all schools, or to get proper nourishment; most have stunted growth and appear much younger than their actual age. They do not have access to healthcare and many die of ordinary diseases like measles. Many live in slums with other poor families who don’t even have enough for their own children.

There are over 2 million orphans in Kenya due to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

The focus of this joint mission initiative is to provide orphans and needy children with a quality education and reliable healthcare, so that they can become productive members of their society and be assured a better future. Without education and access to good health care, they are caught in the never-ending cycle of poverty, and experts agree that education is the key to breaking that cycle.
Join us as we seek to EDUCATE…EMPOWER…AND…EQUIP these precious children so that they can break free from the cycle of poverty.

"Come as a guest … Stay as a friend … Leave as a partner…"


Read to children in any of our 3 pre-school programs or early primary grades
Assist serving a nutritious meal to children in our slum feeding program
One-on-one tutoring in the computer lab in our mission boarding school
Mentor women in their self-help groups in sewing, knitting, crocheting, and in other micro-finance programs
Assist in drama and/or music competition training at our boarding school
Assist students in our mission school with remedial work in grades K-12 (as directed by local teachers)
Assist training our students for competition in various sports activities (soccer, basketball, track and field, volleyball, net ball, rugby etc)
Vacation Bible School activities
Assist in our 24/7 primary care clinic with wound care, laboratory services,immunizations, dental (hygiene & treatment), eye examination and dispensing glasses, general nursing duties
Advise school staff on counseling diagnoses and resources and disciplinary options
Light construction work ( i.e. shelving, painting, fencing, repairs)

Morgan Examining A Patient

Squatters Hill Feeding Program

Feeding The Little Ones