In January 2006, Managing Director Diane Hamrick visited Nakuru with two other like-minded friends to determine whether they could effectively provide support to the people of Kenya who had been challenged by the issues of poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS. Hamrick saw first-hand the challenges facing the community, and even before departing Kenya, decided to organize volunteers and funds in the US to address the overwhelming needs of the community. She had immediately felt that she must DO SOMETHING.

Effectively provide support to the people of Kenya who had been challenged by the issues of poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS.

The result was the development of several programs in Nakuru to address these issues. An NGO was formed in the US, as well as an NGO in Kenya, both of which NGO’s pledged to work together in partnership to provide services and support to the people of Kenya. The Boards of both organizations are led by Hamrick, a former educator, social worker, mediator and advocate with 35 years experience.


Wesley Mission Health Centre - Situated in Lanet, a village in Nakuru County, Wesley Mission Health Centre offers low cost services 24/7 to the surrounding community – maternity, CCC, laboratory, maternal child health, ultrasound, dental, pharmacy, eye-clinic, immunizations, and primary care. Staffed full time by Kenyan doctors, nurses and other professionals, the facility is supported by 2-4 teams' of volunteers who travel to Nakuru, Kenya from the US each year and assist with a medical camp for the surrounding community, each of which provides services to 1000-1500 people each week.

THE ROBERTS EDUCATION CENTRE - In 2008, construction of a modern school began (funded entirely by US donors) and opened in January 2009. The school serves day scholars and boarders from all over the country, and current enrollment is in excess of 500 from kindergarten (ECD) to 12th grade (Form 4). The sustainability plan is for 50% of the students to receive sponsorships, while 50% pay school fees. The School employs more than 60 Kenyan teachers and support staff and is situated on the outskirts of Nakuru. Sponsor recruitment is on-going and more sponsors are needed ($50/month or $600/year).

Mercy Kids Centre - Mercy Kids Centre is an ECD program offering free pre-school education to the Umoja II community of Lanet in Nakuru County. There are 3 classes with current enrollment of 75 students (baby class, middle class, and top class). The students are served porridge and lunch daily. The Centre also houses several women’s groups who meet to pursue micro-finance opportunities.

Squatters Hill Pre-School - Over 120 children from Nyamarutu Slum are taught 6 days per week at Squatters Hill and they receive breakfast and lunch each day. Approximately 150 other children from the slum who do not go to any school also receive a nutritious lunch 6 days each week. More on Volunteering

WENZA SAFARIS… How is it connected? Why should we book with Wenza?
All funds raised from safaris and other Kenyan adventures are used to help sustain the programs referenced here. The vision is to have all programs self-sustaining within the next 5 years, so that the programs will no longer be dependent upon US fundraising. Your decision to partner with Wenza Safaris in planning your journey to Kenya will directly impact the programs and the people they serve…one child…and one life … at a time.
You can also make a more personal impact by spending a portion of your time in Kenya volunteering in one or more of the programs. See “Volunteering” - Learn more about the US non-profit here.

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